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20 Successful Tips for Creating a Powerful Web Site

Design is a crucial element of any web page. This is truly where the little things mean a lot. Hits are not enough, although driving traffic to your site is very important. Good web page design turns a browser into a customer, a business prospect into a client, and a proposal into a deal.

  1. Stick to the Basics- Always keep your pages simple and to the point. This does not mean boring. Incredible graphics and introductions, and poorly designed graphics can cause long load times. The 8-second rule works great. If a visitor to your site cannot load your page in this time they will move on. Using all connection speeds to check it will help determine the load process.
  2. Have a Well Designed Page Layout- Do not cram too much on a page. All the pages should be neat, organized and easy to navigate. Like a regular paper document, there should be enough "white space" so that a browser can properly read the content and locate navigation buttons and menus.
  3. Incorporate a Theme- Settle on a visual theme and stick to it. Graphics, fonts, content, colors, and borders should all be within a theme that provides an identifier for your business. If your company's logo incorporates a flag and the colors are red, white and blue, your web page should not have graphics that use orange, green or black.
  4. The 3 Clicks Rule- If you incorporate navigation buttons into your page design, a visitor should never be more than 3 clicks away from his/her goal. When designing a web page, always keep the visitor's needs a priority and your goals second.
  5. Take the easy Road Home- Every web page should have a button or link to take your visitor to the home page while visiting other pages throughout the entire site.
  6. Content Publishing Know How- Remember that all content on your pages must fit within the popular internet medium. Something on a paper document must be edited and formatted for publishing on the web. Web pages must be condensed and to the point.
  7. Go Professional- If you are designing a web site for your business and can afford it, hire or contract Professional writers, editors and a page designer. Professional editors will ensure that your information is timely, correct and appropriate for your audience. Professional writers will provide reader friendly content, industry contacts and will keep your pages up to date on the latest trends with news. Professional web page designers are worth every penny spent and more importantly worth the investment.
  8. Your World Wide Audience- If your business has global dealings, shoudn't you have your content in several languages? This will allow all of your prospects to feel confortable. Your audience may be disabled. This is why it is important to incorporate audio, visual and video options so that a variety of people can access your content. People who are color blind have a particularly rough time with web pages, and this condition is more prevalent than many realize.
  9. Be careful not to Offend- Color is important in the success of any web page. However, colors mean different things to different cultures. If your business deals with several different cultures, be sure to research the importance of colors and their meanings. This includes the colors of fonts, graphics and borders.
  10. Give the page a Sting Affect- A web page that has nothing of value for free. Example; content, resources or expert opinion is nothing more than a sales flyer. Most of these type are discarded without a second glance. A good rule for layout and design is that 50 percent of your content should only offer free news, resources, or opinion in your business industry. This can give a stingy teaser affect causing your visitors into becoming clients and later buying from you.
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