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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but now, according to Internet expert Brendon Sinclair, beauty is also in the eye of the buyer.

“Web experts have long known that the look of a web site impacts very significantly on the credibility a visitor assumes for that site. Better looking web sites simply perform better, both in terms of sales and visitor numbers, than ugly sites,” he said.

A survey by Stanford University Persuasive Technology Lab released this year, confirmed an overwhelming skew toward the ‘design look’ as having the biggest impact on site credibility judgments.

Over 46% of respondents used “visual cues, such as the site’s overall design or look, to (primarily) assess a site’s credibility” the survey found.

“We’ve always been aware that design is a major component in influencing perceptions across a range of products and services. This serves to confirm that the web is no different,” said Mr. Sinclair.
“Our own experience tells us that a site that is informative, entertaining and ever-changing will generally be a great success for our clients. Now we can add “attractive” into the mix with total confidence,” said Mr. Sinclair.

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