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'ReDesign' is not a Dirty Word
By Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian

The only constant is CHANGE. At least as far as your Website is concerned.
Some sites - like waves in an ocean - change many times every hour.
A few change - like the tides - once or twice in a day.
And many remain like stagnant backwaters - constant, changeless, desolated, ignored and largely unvisited!

Websurfers are an impatient lot. They thrive on excitement, instant gratification, constant variety and change. Nothing bores them more than a Website that stays the same day after day, week after week. Portals and community sites understand this fact and take advantage of it. Design changes come thick and fast. Website redesign is a way of daily - or at least monthly - life for them.

So the question is not WHETHER your site needs a redesign but instead WHEN and HOW OFTEN? In this article, I'll discuss the many issues to be thought out, the many questions to be answered, and the different steps to be taken to redesign your Website.

Some basic principles remain the same.

- Define the goals of your study before you start.
- Determine your user profile.
- Schedule the project and study.
- Prepare a set of questions or define a set of tasks that volunteers must go through.
- Evaluate the data generated by the study with a critical eye.
- Implement changes.
Repeat the process again. Fine tune, tweak, modify - until you are near- perfect!

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