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Your corporate image is priceless, but design assistance does not have to be pricey!
If you think good design is expensive, look how much bad design costs.
In fact, your graphic designer can actually help you save money, if they are knowledgeable about a wide variety of business and commercial design aspects and other design techniques. The price of a design greatly depends on the time required for idea development and production. There are a few generalities which may help understand the pricing of design and illustration work, we follow.

  1. Free Price Quotes: It is very difficult to list a standard price for a project. One reason for this is the number of variables involved. We believe in fair pricing and prefer to quote each job based on information. To receive an estimate for your design job, please send us a detailed request for proposal.
  2. Professional Standards: We never compete on price. With the years of experience and number of satisfied clients, we believe in setting the professional standards high and providing the best value for each dime our client spends. We treat your money like it's our own . Thus we are frugal about your money while at the same time fussy about the quality we provide.
  3. Undercutting: Undercutting refers to the pricing of work below industry standards. Of course, fair market competition allows for a wide range of prices. But if a design job is priced very low, it is often a sign of an amateur. Tactic usually followed by unethical designers is to promise quality work for a low price, with the intention of raising rates later due to "unexpected design charges" or "hidden cost" . While sometimes there are legitimate reasons for requesting approval of a budget increase during the project; designers that "lowball" make this a regular practice to lure in clients.
  4. Work On Spec: Work on speculation refers to the practice of doing design work with no guarantee of payment. The artist "speculates" putting hard work into creating original art for the client, while the client "speculates" whether to purchase the artwork after it is done.
    It is the equivalent of eating a meal before deciding whether or not to pay for it. Requests for spec work are unprofessional and exploitative, can lead to copyright infringement, result in negative competitive practices, threaten the integrity and work ethic of the graphic design profession and are also discouraged by allied professions such as the advertising industry.
    Please go through the Professional Standards of Practice that we follow.
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